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“One-of-a-Kind” – Tiger Woods winning putt at the 1997 Masters



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The Only one of its’ Kind!

Here is an exclusive “One of-a-Kind” extra large specially framed 3 piece sequence composition (Three11″ x 14″ photographs)  of Tiger Woods winning putt at the 1997 Masters Tournament at  Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta,GA.

in our Premium 3″ Gold Beaded Scoop Mahogany molding, White on Black
double archival mattes, and incorporating a custom engraved descriptive
Brass plaque key-holed into the top mat.

Included is a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by Ron Watts.

The only one ever made, and this is it!    
     (outside dimensions are  45 1/2″ x 26 1/2″) 

Please call us 1-800-868-9155 for shipping charges as this is a very
large piece and will require special shipping considerations.

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Weight 140 lbs


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