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A shot taken from an aircraft, usually a plane or helicopter.

Archival footage
Term generally refers to “older” footage shot in black and white.

B & W
Black and white.

The photographic double exposure of a title or other subject matter over previously exposed film.

Close-up (CU)
A tight shot of a person’s head and shoulders. An “extreme close-up” would include just the area from the chin to the top of the head or even less of the face.

The four process colors used in printing: cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

CMYK image
A four-channel image containing cyan, magenta, yellow and black channel. A CMYK image is generally used to print a color separation.

Color correction
The changing of the colors of pixels in an image, including adjusting brightness, contrast, mid-level grays, hue and saturation, to achieve optimum printed results.

Blue-green color, the complement of red.

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Term used to describe any foreign particle on film that is visible. Dirt may be dust from an air vent or lint from a film handler’s clothing. The emulsion on negative stock is very soft and it is easy for dirt to become embedded in it permanently. One must be careful in assessing dirt. A dirty and scratched workprint does not represent the quality of the original negative.

Transfer a file from a remote computer to your computer.

Dots per inch, a measure of image resolution.

A thin coating of light-sensitive material in which the image is formed. The dull side of film.

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Grayscale image
An image consisting of up to 256 levels or gray, with 8 bits of color data per pixel.

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Unique representation of a person or thing.

Image Resolution
The amount of data stored in an image file, measured in pixels per inch (ppi).

Image Size
The size the image will appear in relation to your layout page. This is not necessarily the size of your final piece. For example, if you are creating a full page newspaper ad and this image takes up ?of that ad, then you would choose ?page. If you are running a ?page ad but your image takes up the whole ad, then you would choose full page.

Joint Photographic Experts Group. This group established a standard method for compressing and decompressing digitized photos or images. The high-resolution images provided by Historic Golf Photos are compressed according to JPEG standards.

Low angle shot.

An identifying graphic associated with a product or service.

Blue-red, the complementary color to green.

A compilation of images, sometimes superimposed over visual special effects.

A photographic image in which the values of light and shade of the original photographed subject are represented in inverse order. In a negative image, light objects (of the original subject) are represented by high densities and dull objects are represented by their complementary color, e.g. a red flower will look green. A negative usually refers to the camera original.

A condition in which too much light reaches the film, producing a dense negative or washed out reversal.

Pixels per inch, a measure of the resolution of a computer display or digital image.

Process Color
The four color pigments (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) used in color printing.

Public Domain
Not subject to copyright, public domain works may be freely reproduced.

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Scratched Workprint
A reference workprint that has been scratched to eliminate any chance of copying for unauthorized use.

Miniature images, resembling slides.

Tagged Image File Format. A file format for exchanging bitmapped and grayscale images among applications.

To send a copy of a file from one computer to another using a modem.

Logo or mark that is superimposed on an image.