Image Search

Here’s how to find the images you need, quickly and easily.

We offer two ways to conduct searches for images: Quick Image Search and the dedicated Advanced Image Search. We also offer free research assistance. If you’d like help finding the images you need, just contact us.

Browse by Category

The Browse By Category search is the easiest place to start searching for images. Here’s a quick overview of how to use this feature.

To perform a Browse By Category Image Search:

Using the Browse By Category drop-down, select the image category you’d like to search and then press the submit button. You’ll be taken to a page that lists all of the sub-categories in that category. Select one of the sub-categories to view images associated with that category and sub-category.

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Keyword Search

Each image in the Historic Golf Photos collection is searchable by assigned keywords. The keyword search uses words or phrases such as the image number, image description, year, photographer, subject, and category. (All information is not available for all photographs.) The results are listed based on their relevance to the search term. To search using keywords, enter the image number, keyword, and/or photographer, etc. in the keyword search box. Press the submit button and you’ll be taken to a Search Results page with images matching your request. For more information, see Search Tips and Searching with Wildcard Characters below.

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Search Results

The Search Results page is where you preview thumbnail images that match your search criteria. The number of images displayed per page is 12 images. If your search yields multiple pages of images, you’ll find text at the top and bottom of each page that tells you which page you’re on and the total number of pages. You can scroll through these pages by clicking the arrows to the right or left of this text, or you can simply type the number of the page you want to view in the box provided and click “Go”.

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Search Tips

Here are some tips for using the Keyword Search and Category/Keyword Search:

Entering multiple keywords will treat your entire entry as a single phrase. For example, entering “Palmer Hogan” yields 1 photo titled “Palmer & Hogan-1966 Masters” (the & is ignored).
Entering OR or AND will also change the way your search is performed. Searching for “Palmer OR Hogan” will find all photos that pertain to either “Palmer” or “Hogan”, or both. Searching for “Palmer AND Hogan”, however, will find only photos that pertain to both “Palmer” and “Hogan”.
Separating words with a comma will treat teach word separately and treat the comma as if it were the word OR. So “Palmer, Hogan” will yield the same search results as “Palmer OR Hogan”.
You can narrow your search results by combining keywords with the word NOT. For example, searching for “Augusta AND golfers NOT Walter Hagen” will yield golfer images at Augusta, but will omit Walter Hagen.
Search terms and operators are not case-sensitive. Therefore, “palmer AND hogan”, “Palmer AND HOGAN” and “palmer and hogan” will all yield the same results.

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Searching With Wildcard Characters(*)

If you’re unsure of the spelling of a name or word you can use the wildcard character (*) to complete a word in order to see a list with similar spellings. For example, if you enter “Aug*”, you will be presented with search results in which the there is a keyword beginning with the letters “aug”.

You can also use the wildcard character to help you complete an image number. If you enter “0311*” your search will bring up every image whose image number begins with 0311.

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